Trained primarily in narrative nonfiction, Julie writes stories that explore and reveal why people do what they do. Grief and its impact on identity are recurrent themes in Julie’s work, shaped by the sudden death of her older brother as a young adult, and the equally unexpected death of her mother when Julie was a new mom herself.

Here are a few of Julie’s publications.

“Control,” Gravel Magazine, University of Arkansas at Monticello, May 2019
(flash nonfiction)
“Reckoning.” The Same, Knoxville, TN, August 27, 2018

“Mamas always come back,” my daughter’s new preschool teacher whispered to a sobbing little girl on their first day.

Inside the classroom, my daughter stared at her sobbing classmate and squeezed my hand tight. My daughter was anxious, too. As I’d sat with her at bedtime the night before, she’d asked dozens of questions about pre-K, teachers, and what she’d do at school.

“Child’s Play.” National Public Radio’s This I Believe, WFYI-FM, Indianapolis, IN, 2007 (essay)

“Derek’s Rebuttal.” The Juggler, University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN, Spring 1995 (poetry)