How to Read a Poem

Readers and writers have strong - and disparate - opinions about the "right" way to read a poem. Worse yet, there's wide disagreement among accomplished and highly educated poets, too. There's really only one point we all agree on - poems are meant to be read aloud. Beyond that, it gets dicey, but here are … Continue reading How to Read a Poem

Display and honor writers’ thinking (not just final products)

I am a sucker for art and teacher supply stores. Since I've typically been a visiting writer or the teacher-onwheels who rotates between classrooms, I've rarely had the opportunity to create a bulletin board. But boy can I imagine what my students and I would build together if I had the space! For starters, I'd … Continue reading Display and honor writers’ thinking (not just final products)

Now that’s a Story: Learn from a 1st Grade Writer

The story below is one of my favorites from our 2011 anthology, probably because I envy the author a bit. Click the video below to follow along as Cody reads it, then I'll tell you why I'm jealous. Get the video and read more here. Written for Indiana Partnership for Young Writers

I’ve-gotta-write-about-this moments

I will teach a class on writers’ notebooks on Tuesday afternoon. I’ve taught this class more than a hundred times before, but this time I will try to make a different point. Notebooks aren’t only a tool that writers use to remember and develop material that may or may not make it to publication. That’s … Continue reading I’ve-gotta-write-about-this moments