Professional Development Guide for Educators

Client: Partnership for Inquiry LearningProject: 5 Strategies for Effective In-House Professional Development: A guide for administrators, coaches, and facultyInbound marketing offer My favorite projects combine all my interests—teaching, writing, and marketing—like this professional development guide for educators that was developed as an inbound marketing offer for the Partnership for Inquiry Learning at Butler University.

Craft Strategy: White Space

I suspect my undergraduate writing students will have no difficulty recognizing at least one craft strategy in my recently published essay, “Reckoning.” I teach it early and often.

Perhaps it’s my trademark.

I’m talking about white space. I like to use it around a single short line to make the line stand out and demand attention. It’s a strategic move that stuck with me after several semesters of poetry in college, even as I migrated to prose. To be clear, I’m not talking about dialogue, which might look set off by white space because of grammar conventions. I’m talking about an original line of my thoughts that I deliberately place by itself.

I know your eyes go there.

Crafting Grief: Narrative Point of View

First in a series of posts looking closely at the craft of writing about grief Last month I facilitated a writing workshop about narrative point of view (NPOV), and afterwards it occurred to me that I have looked closely at the craft of many texts specifically about grief. I’ll even be so bold as toContinue reading “Crafting Grief: Narrative Point of View”

Look closer at your neighborhood public school, Indy

I’m a parent of two preschoolers in Indianapolis. I hear parents talk. I know many are enraged by a public school lottery that feels like a smoke and mirrors magic show at a Vegas casino. I know that a rising number of parents are at least marginally aware of the privileges they carry in theirContinue reading “Look closer at your neighborhood public school, Indy”