A Unit of Study in Poetry

Check out the poetry module I created for the Indiana Partnership for Young Writers' website for a step-by-step tour of how you might teach this unit of study. Sample mini-lessons, noticing charts, conferring videos, conferring notes and more are included—many from my own classes. Also includes "Teacher Try-Its" to help you fill your own writer's … Continue reading A Unit of Study in Poetry

Hold Readers at a Climax

As promised, this week I'm diving deeper into the subject of a story's climax. When I first read stories with students and ask them to identify the climax, they tend to point to a small amount of text, often two sentences or less. This is one of a handful of common phenomena that still baffles … Continue reading Hold Readers at a Climax

How to Read a Poem

Readers and writers have strong - and disparate - opinions about the "right" way to read a poem. Worse yet, there's wide disagreement among accomplished and highly educated poets, too. There's really only one point we all agree on - poems are meant to be read aloud. Beyond that, it gets dicey, but here are … Continue reading How to Read a Poem