“The Big Picture” Campaign

FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGN—EMAIL AND VIDEOClient: NANPA FoundationCollaborated with Executive Director to develop a 25th anniversary fundraising campaign for small nonprofit affiliated with a professional trade association. Goals included educating members about the differences between the trade association and its nonprofit foundation, summarizing accomplishments of the past 25 years, and generating financial support for the future. WeContinue reading ““The Big Picture” Campaign”

Professional Development Guide for Educators

Client: Partnership for Inquiry LearningProject: 5 Strategies for Effective In-House Professional Development: A guide for administrators, coaches, and facultyInbound marketing offer My favorite projects combine all my interests—teaching, writing, and marketing—like this professional development guide for educators that was developed as an inbound marketing offer for the Partnership for Inquiry Learning at Butler University.

Drawing Out the Core

As a writer, one has to collect experiences and feelings and people from which to draw, especially in nonfiction. So I’ve tried to remain a student of life and human behavior, and a collector of experiences.  Storey Clayton from Julie’s interview with Storey in Mud Season Review, Aug 30, 2019