Julie & BarkleyJulie Patterson is an adjunct English professor at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis and writer-in-residence for a teacher training program affiliated with Butler University.

Trained in narrative nonfiction, Julie writes stories that explore and reveal why people do what they do. Grief and its impact on identity are recurrent themes in Julie’s work, shaped by the sudden death of her older brother as a young adult, and the equally unexpected death of her mother when Julie was a new mom herself.

Entrenched now in motherhood and teaching, Julie is often writing for young people, still rooted in questions of identity. She has a Master of Fine Arts in creative writing from Lesley University, and a Bachelor of Arts in cognitive psychology from the University of Notre Dame.

About Julie as a PreK-8 Teaching Artist/Writer-in-Residence

Katherine Bomer, teaching consultant and author of professional texts for teachers (The Journey is EverythingHidden Gems, and Writing a Life), says:

Julie deeply understands how to teach writing to all kinds and ages of students…She easily taps into her own and other writers’ process to share lessons in everything from keeping a notebook of ideas to shaping those ideas into different genres of writing, to publishing for a wider audience. Julie’s experience as a writing workshop teacher gives her the tools to not only tell, but also show teachers and students how to craft pieces of writing that not only satisfy accountability measures, but more importantly, that move and persuade real audiences.

Julie offers a variety of workshops and multi-visit residencies for schools through her affiliations with Arts for Learning Indiana and Indiana Partnership for Young Writers. Learn more

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