Display and honor writers’ thinking (not just final products)

I am a sucker for art and teacher supply stores. Since I’ve typically been a visiting writer or the teacher-onwheels who rotates between classrooms, I’ve rarely had the opportunity to create a bulletin board. But boy can I imagine what my students and I would build together if I had the space!

For starters, I’d always have one board that mimics a strategy I use in my writer’s notebook. I’d teach the strategy and invite students to try it—not only to try it in their notebooks but to post their ideas on the bulletin board as well. I’d choose a strategy that will serve students across genres so we can continue to fill the board for months at a time, just as I want them to re-use “old” strategies in their notebooks throughout the year, storing up ideas and inspiration for writing projects they haven’t even thought of (or I haven’t assigned) yet. After all, that’s exactly what I do in my writer’s notebook. Here are two ideas:

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Written for Indiana Partnership for Young Writers